Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Motherhood Tip- Getting the baby weight off

You know how exciting it is to finally get back into your old jeans after you have a baby? For me, I try them on once a week until they fit. For a few weeks I can squeeze into them, but I can barely breathe. So my advice is to put them on when they are really tight, along with a tight shirt. Then walk past every mirror in your house as many times as possible. You'll be so disgusted with yourself you'll never want to eat again.

I DO think that is good advice, but here is some more sound advice. Have you ever stood at the finish line of a marathon? Have you ever seen the people who are running those marathons? Sure, many of them are great runners, and are in great shape. Others, many others, are not in good shape, in fact I would dare call them overweight or even fat! How can these people run so many miles, and train for so long and still be fat?

Running is great. It is good in assisting you to lose weight, and it is very good for your health. But your body gets used to running pretty easily. And for a new mother, just burning calories isn't enough. There are certain areas that just suffer from pregnancy. After my second baby, I was having a hard time losing the baby weight. I was at the gym every day, but the weight around my mid section wasn't coming off. I started taking the body-sculpting classes at my gym, and within two weeks I was starting to feel like I had a waist again. Until I added a killer weight resistance hour at least 3 times a week, I couldn't get rid of my muffin-top figure. You have to work those core muscles to lose that core fat.

I'm not saying running isn't good, and it may even be enough for you, but I think that in order to have a more perfect mid section, you need to target-tone that area with weight resistance.

I am 2.5 months post partum right now, and I only have 5 pounds left to lose! But if you saw me you would think it was 35. I think all 5 pounds are hanging over my pants right now. So I need to get to work, myself.

P.s. I just squeezed into my jeans today, and all I ate for lunch was a grapefruit and some oatmeal. I think this may work for me. ;)

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