Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pregnancy Tip- Make money by delivering a baby

I hope you have enjoyed the previous posts from Preggot. This has been fun to share with Mothers and future Mothers throughout the world

Okay, at last, the long awaited post. How do you make money by having a baby? I can only tell you my own personal experience. It is certainly something that has been fun for us.

*****You cannot be pregnant right now. If you are pregnant right now, you can bookmark this page until you are getting ready to have another. *****

If you meet that criteria, read on….

I’m not selling anything here, I promise. I’m just telling you, mother to mother, how I made money by having my second and third child. So take a deep breath and read on…

It started with a flier left on my door when I was pregnant with my first child. An insurance agent was selling a fairly new product called “Supplemental insurance.” Supplemental insurance is a policy bought alone or in addition to your current health insurance. Meaning you can purchase it whether or not you have your own health insurance already. Supplemental Insurance companies don’t contract with health care providers. When they pay insurance claims, they pay a set amount, directly to the insured person. They don’t care how much your primary insurance company pays, they just cut you a check for their designated amount. Even if your insurance company pays 100% of your medical bills, they will pay you the same amount they would pay an uninsured person.

These supplemental insurance companies offer many different policies that pay for various different circumstances such as: hospitalization, ambulance rides, disability, etc. If you are planning on having a baby, and planning on having the baby in the hospital, one of these hospitalization policies could help you. Of course they don’t want to insure you if you are already pregnant because then they know that you will be hospitalized. So they are willing to take a chance on you if you appear to be a healthy person.

The hospitalization policies pay a set amount per day. So if you stay in the hospital for two days (like most women do), then they will pay you their allotted daily amount for each day. Like I said, this check comes in the mail, regardless of how much your hospital bill was, and regardless of how much your insurance paid.

Of course these insurances come with premiums, so you have to give some money upfront, but the payout in the end is worth it.

Does that make sense? I know it’s a strange idea, but it has worked for me twice now, and I’ve made a lot of money. I can’t tell you too many specifics as I’m not an insurance agent, but I can tell you that I got $8700 in checks after my third delivery. It varies for everybody, these policies are always changing. If you have further questions, feel free to email me, I can explain it more in depth over email. So here are my written instructions on how to make money by having a baby:

  1. Email your contact information to Your information will not be sold. You don’t need to worry about giving your contact information. This will simply get you in touch with the best supplemental insurance agent I know of in the state of Utah and surrounding states. He knows all the ins and outs, and is licensed with every supplemental insurance company of any worth.
  1. 10 months before your baby is born, you must sign up for all your policies. This means 10 calendar months, so if you sign up on October 5th, you can’t have your baby before August 5th if you want to be paid. If you have your babies early like me, you have to sign up at least 2 months before you try to get pregnant; I only have 8 month pregnancies.
  1. Pay your monthly premiums on all insurance policies until after you have your baby.

4. Stay 2 full days in the hospital after having your baby. Check with your hospital’s billing department to find out exactly how long you have to stay to be charged for 2 full days. It can be tricky. But depending on what time of the day you have your baby, you may be able to leave sooner than 48 hours. Remember you aren’t admitted to the hospital until after you have delivered, so the clock doesn’t start until then.

  1. Check the mail anxiously every day until your hospital bill comes.
  1. Make lots of copies of that itemized hospital bill.
  1. Fill out your forms and send them in with a copy of the itemized hospital bill
  1. Less than two weeks later, you will receive your checks in the mail. If you don’t, be sure to call and bug them about it, but you WILL get paid.
  1. Be grateful for supplemental insurance policies.

Some other random things:

These insurance companies will also pay SOME money for: ultrasounds, a few Dr. visits per year, and other random things. I went to the ER for a kidney infection once, and they paid part for my CT scan

If you have a miscarriage and you get a D&C, they will pay out for the D&C as a surgery. It’s enough to cover a few months of premiums.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful to all you future mothers out there. If you have any questions e-mail me and I will help you get the information you need. If any part of this is too vague, please comment and let me know. Of course it all makes perfect sense to me ;)

Oh, and by the way, “stay blogged and get preggot!”


Trisha said...

hmmm- how about living in MD or NC? Am I out of luck?

Erica said...

Trisha- Call me, we can talk. :)

Tim, Crista and Addy said...

Wow, how about Delaware too? I just had Adilyn last year so it may be a while but we'll be in Delaware for 3-4 years. Also, do you know anything about this working if the military is paying for your insurance and baby? Curious, thanks for the ROCK!!!! Hope your kiddies are good! Guess what, we'll finally live near an ice rink in DE so I can teach Addy to skate! YIPPEE!

Anderson's said...

So, did you cancel then reinstate your policy between pregnancies? And do you tell your insurance agent up front that this is what you're doing? Seems legal, but unethical.

Jocee Bergeson said...

Thanks for putting all this good info. in one spot. I'm on the supplemental policies (and pregnant) and am so glad you told me about these. My sister and countless friends have benefited from these policies. Lucky us!

Anonymous said...

I have been looking into getting supplemental insurance quickly becasue I am planning on getting pregnant soon. I've emailed the address listed in your post but haven't heard anything. I'm hoping you can answer a few questions I have. Please email me

Jocee Bergeson said...

This was a huge success for me...yeah! You can read the details on my BLOG at

ACE said...

How much do you have to pay each month for this policy?

Jared, Christine, & Lucas said...

I am looking into doing this in the state of NV, what should I do now? Which insurance companies did you use? If you could email me, that would be great!


Anonymous said...

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Rose said...

Is this still an option? I know it's been years since you posted this, I found it through my google search.

Let me know,

Allison Billings said...

Looking to see if you know if this is still available?? Thanks, Allison!