Monday, January 21, 2008

Random Post- Free Toilet paper

Sorry! This ended on Tuesday. But hold on to your coupons, Albertson's will run this sale again.

This week at Albertson's the Scott Extra Soft toilet paper is on sale for $1.00 for a 4-pack. The Sunday paper had $1.00 coupons in the inserts making it free! If you don't take the paper, you can also print out $1.00 coupons from the following links. So go get some free toilet paper today!

Stay blogged and get Preggot!


Tom & Sarah Baker said...

That's awesome. I've put it on my blog too, with a link to Preggot! Keep those free deals coming!

Trisha said...

too bad for me (and I really need it, since I go to the bathroom every 5 minutes now!!!) There aren't any Albersons around here:(