Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pregnancy Post- How to get that baby out!- Part I

I have some friends nearing the end of pregnancy, which always reminds me of my first pregnancy (The only time I made it to full term-37 weeks) and how desperate I was to get my baby out. My best friend was due with her first a month before me, and he came out a month early. I couldn't possibly watch her for two months with her baby while mine was stuck inside. I dilated very early, contracted all the time, and totally expected my baby to come early, but I still REALLY researched methods of self-induction, and even practiced a few of them. Well my other two boys came too early for me to practice any self-induction, in fact I was trying to keep them in. So since I don't get to experience it, I LOVE coaching other people. Here is my humble opinion on what works and what doesn't....

Evening Primrose Oil- You can find it at Walmart or probably any grocery store pharmacy. It is located right with the vitamins. I TOTALLY believe in this stuff. It will NOT put you into labor, it will only help your cervix ripen. I have seen this work with so many people. My next door neighbor was closed up and hard at 41 weeks with her first child. She took Evening primrose oil, among other things, and was dilated to 2.5 at 36 weeks! What an improvement. Her first delivery took a day and a half, and the second took less than 6 hours! I totally believe in this stuff. Purchase 1000 mg capsules and take 2 a day (either orally or vaginally) beginning around 33 weeks. Watch your cervix soften and dilate, and enjoy the thought of less laboring on the actual labor day. And don't worry, it won't put you into labor before you're ready.

Clary Sage Oil- This can be found at health food stores. Put a few drops on your belly, and rub it in. This should induce contractions. It works for some, and it doesn't work on others. It's worth a shot though!

Spicy Foods- Contractions of your intestines help start contractions in the uterus. I was stuffing my face with chips and salsa at my favorite restaurant when contractions started with my second child. I just kept eating more chips and salsa, and the contractions kept coming. When we left the restaurant the contractions stopped.... but started up again and he was born around 10 hours after lunch!

Stay tuned for Part II with more tips on how to get that baby out.

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John and Amber said...

How about having your Dr. strip your membranes? That worked w/ both my kids, I went into labor 4 hours later. I don't know though, is it a coincidence?