Monday, July 7, 2008

Pregnancy Post- Fetal Heart Rate and Gender

So a friend of mine posted asking for peoples experiences on fetal heart rate and gender. The old wive's tale is that high heart rates (>150) equal girls. And low heart rates (<150).

The blue circles are the boys and the pink are girls, and they are pretty equally spread. The findings of this study show no conclusive evidence that heart rate is linked to gender in any week of pregnancy.

That said, I love wive's tales.

Stay blogged and get Preggot! (whatever that means, my husband made it up, and now it's just kind of funny)

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Adam & Tiff said...

I can't remember what my kids were...I probably just didn't pay close enough attention when I was told. I agree though, I love old wives tales...always fun to try and predict!