Sunday, December 23, 2007

Random Post- Enter into the drawing!

My Random Posts will really be random, whatever I feel like posting: good deals, giveaways, fun ideas, whatever!

Today's random post is a giveaway. The prize..... a digital picture frame keychain. Perfect to show off your pictures. You have until January 5th, 2008 to enter. Here's how to enter: Place a link to Preggot on your website and email me or comment so I know. You will automatically be entered in the drawing on January 5th. If you don't have a blog, email 3 of your friends and tell them about Preggot and cc me on the email. click here to email me

So be sure to link to you blog so you can enter to win this awesome prize! Once you have posted the on your blog and keep it there you will also be in Preggot's future drawings.


Carrie said...

Better late than never. I finally got you linked on my blog. I even did an entry.

attack of The Mouse said...

Cool. I randomly have found you and have enjoyed reading about your cute family. We've been trying to add to our family for 3 years now. It is hard for me to get pregnant, and then another thing to keep them. grrr. I've linked you to my blog.