Friday, November 7, 2008

Cool birth video

This is an animated demonstration of birth, it is way cool! Don't be afraid to click on it, it's not graphic or disturbing. My first and third needed to see this video before birth, because they just didn't do it the right way. (They were posterior, and my first was delivered face up.... ouch!) Now if I can just figure out a way to get this baby to watch the video. Maybe at the end when my skin is all stretched out, he can see through my belly. I'll just smash my belly up against the computer screen. Now there's a lovely picture!


attack of The Mouse said...

Wow!!! That is cool. Thanks for sharing.

Jocee Bergeson said...

I caught myself oowing and aawing (in pain) while I watched that video. :) Birth really is amazing!

jon and whit said...

interesting!! i watched it like 4 times... i've always wondered how exactly all that works. it was cool to see it from that point of view.